ICN  WA STATE TITLES- 1st October, 2022

Book now with the Ultimate Beauty Team for the ICN WA State Titles @ Riverside theater!

  We offer a range of packages. 

  • Tanning (Men & Women's) Packages

  • Hair & Make-up Package 

  • Hair - Make-up & Tanning Package

  •  Tanning Touch-ups & Glazing Package

  • Tanning, Make-up, Hair & Glazing Touch-up Package.


The Ultimate Beauty Team come highly recommend by the ICN for several reasons.

~ The Ultimate Beauty Team have over 12 years+ experience helping competitors prepare for stage.

~ We understand the importance of making your appointments easy and convenient; therefore,  we have set up 3 pre-tanning locations (South, Central & North) for your first tanning session on Friday 30th September.

~ The Ultimate Beauty Team are located in their own large  private room set up at the Perth Convention center @ Riverside Theatre. This allows for a stress free day with all your needs met in the one place. During your time with the team we also help support you during the competition, with our touch-up packages as well as general care and help such as changing into your outfits and anything else you may require. 


Click the (Book Now) button to book via the online system. This will allow you to choose your booking preferences and secure your spot with the Ultimate Beauty Team!